The first year of college can be daunting, the notion of rigorous academic courses and tuition fees looming over your shoulder like —– but luckily I provided a small list of tips to help you with this major transition. If you take the time to carefully prepare for college life ie. staying up late, homework, social events it won’t be so difficult so here we go.

Tip #1 It goes without saying that reading is critical so during the summer you should take this time to read some of books from the recommended reading list or books that will help you in your intended major. If you’re not a fan of reading because it makes you sleepy or just don’t like reading in general it helps to use incentives to motivate you. For example, gummy bears for every other passage.3448_493400087347674_1480182243_nAdditionally, you should consider using audiobooks and other materials to cater to your unique learning style. Lastly, if you have any questions visit Sparknotes and use online resources to help you get a better understanding of the book.

Tip#2 Get out more! It really is that simple, if you are a shy or timid person then the summer is definitely the best time to develop your social skills as colleges rely on your ability to orally convey ideas and communicate effectively with group members. If you’re going to be in a room filled with lots of students than it’s easy to be shuffled around so make your voice heard because I can assure you, your ideas are just as important and interesting as everyone else. So get out of your comfort zone, smile and make some new friends it’ll be well worth it. Trust me.

Tip#3  Know your college, take a look at club organizations and how to get involved with campus activities, research academic support so you know exactly where to go if you need help, visit the campus or take a virtual tour. Most colleges have a short bio of their professors and staff, browse through the profiles to get a better understanding of what to expect in class or on campus. If you plan on living in the dorms then research your housing information, what dorm you will be living in and other relevant information.

Tip#4 Utilize time-management tools, digital or paper what ever makes you feel comfortable. For example I’m really not a fan of using a ton of apps on my phone so I usually just use my planner and post-it notes for important dates and reminders, however if you prefer apps that’s perfectly fine too as everyone has their own preference, here is a list of Lifehack’s best apps for time management.